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  • What is an unlimited membership?
    An unlimited membership allows you to attend as many group fitness classes as you want within the specified time frame and open gym. These classes are led by certified instructors and cover a variety of workouts like HIIT, weightlifting, conditioning, and gymnastics and more. Membership Pricing $180/mo month-to-month contract.
  • What is our open gym membership?
    An open gym membership grants you access to our gym facility during our open gym operating hours. You can use our equipment and workout at your own pace without the need for scheduled classes. Membership Pricing $120/mo month-to-month contract.
  • Can I have both an open gym membership and an unlimited membership at the same time?
    No Need! The unlimited membership includes access to the open gym.
  • What are the benefits of an unlimited membership?
    An unlimited group fitness membership offers structured classes with certified instructors, providing motivation, variety, and social interaction. You can try different classes to keep your workouts exciting and effective.
  • What are the benefits of an open gym membership?
    With an open gym membership, you can work out on your schedule, focusing on your preferred exercises and routines. It's perfect for those who prefer a self-guided workout experience.
  • How do I sign up for these memberships?
    You can sign up for both open gym and unlimited memberships at our front desk or on our website. Our staff will be happy to assist you in the process. Membership Sign Up
  • Can I switch between memberships if my preferences change?
    Yes, you can switch between memberships at any time. Just let our staff know, and we will help you make the necessary adjustments.
  • Do you offer family or group discounts for these memberships?
  • Can I cancel my membership at any time?
    Our membership cancellation policy is if you do not want to be charged for the upcoming month, please submit your cancellation via email to by 1st of the month prior. If you do not wish to continue you must submit your email correspondence by 1st of the month prior.
  • Do you offer a trial period for these memberships?
    Unfortunately, we do not but we do offer a day Drop In pass. It's a great way to experience our facility and a class before committing to a month-to-month membership.
  • Can I bring a guest with my membership?
    Sorry, we do not allow you to bring a guest. We encourage them to buy our Drop In pass to have access for the day.
  • Are there any age restrictions for these memberships?
    If potential member is below the age of 18 we will ask for a parent/guardian to sign a waiver to allow access to the gym.
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