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Welcome to Shipwreck Performance Center! We offer a comprehensive gym membership, access to open gym and exciting performance fitness classes. Our unlimited gym membership will help you reach your highest fitness goals.

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Welcome to the ultimate fitness experience with our Unlimited Gym Membership! Our membership is a gateway to a comprehensive fitness journey, offering access to our invigorating Performance Gym Classes and the freedom of our Open Gym, all wrapped into one incredible package.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just beginning your fitness journey, our Unlimited Gym Membership caters to your needs, goals, and preferences. Explore a world of strength, endurance, and balance as you alternate between expert-led classes and self-directed workouts.



An open gym membership is designed for individuals who prefer the flexibility of working out on their terms. This type of membership offers access to the gym's facilities, including workout areas, exercise equipment, and amenities, without needing scheduled classes or personal training sessions. It's an ideal option for people who have established their own fitness routines, are experienced in using gym equipment safely, and enjoy the freedom to create their workouts.

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Whether you're looking to squeeze in a quick workout during your lunch break, explore a new gym while traveling, or experience the convenience of a pay-as-you-go fitness option, our drop-in sessions cater to your needs. Embrace the freedom to work out on your terms inn a welcoming environment that supports your well-being.

Unleash your potential with a single visit. Join us for a drop-in session and discover how our gym can empower you to achieve your fitness goals without the constraints of a traditional membership.


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